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2018 Grammar School Musical
(Grades 3 - 8)
Auditions for Casting:
Monday, September 17 4pm AND
Thursday, September 20 4pm
Callbacks: Friday, September 21 4pm

4 Performances: Nov 16 - 18

Tickets on sale in Nov 2018
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 2018 Performance Theater Camp Production

2018 Performance Theater Camp Production

In Residence at St. Joseph Regional High School
Montvale, NJ07645

The Road That Will Appear  Only After It Is  Traveled!

By Luigi Jannuzzi

If you want a road in front of you, become an accountant, veterinarian, or lawyer. There is a set path of study, exams and graduation. 

If you want to be an artist, expect no road before you. However, when you turn around in one, two, thirty years, there will be a road. But it will be in back of you.  

This non-road that leads you seemingly aimless at first into the wood, the desert, the mountain, will appear in back of you right to where you are standing, where you are about to take your next step.

You must get use to this. Take comfort in the past that leads you to where you are, that made you what you create, and that will propel your next step.

You have quite frankly chosen the road that will appear only after it is imagined and traveled. This is what you wanted. This is what you dream of. This is what you have fought for.